RAYMOND C. REED is an attorney with nearly twenty years of experience in providing international legal and business counsel in the areas of entertainment, technology, mergers and acquisitions, as well as, insurance defense litigation and bond defense litigation. Mr. Reed also provides representation and estate planning services for athletes, music artists, writers, actors, directors and producers for film and television.

Attorney Reed also has two film productions to his credit, first as Co-Producer of 2001 Walt Disney Pictures - feature film "Max Keeble's Big Move," and then as Producer of Coastal Entertainment - 2001 Pilot "Beyond Coastal Doors".

Prior to launching his own practice in 1985, Raymond Reed was President / Corporate Counsel - AKAUSA Holdings Limited. In those duties he provided legal and business counsel for foreign direct investment in U. S. technology and entertainment companies and targeted companies for acquisition. He was employed as president of AKAUSA during takeover bid for Harvey Comics. He was employed as Legal Counsel for AKAUSA through MCA/Universal acquisition of minority interest in Harvey Entertainment and initial public offering of Harvey Entertainment, Inc. on NASDAQ.

Prior to service at AKAUSA, Mr. Reed served as Legal Counsel - Briggs Investment Company where he provided personalized legal services for various divisions of the privately held investment trust company, as well as, litigation management services as trustee of 13 trusts.

A former law school instructor at Whittier Law School, Raymond Reed began his career prior to law school as a systems engineer for IBM.

Raymond Reed hales an MBA from the Anderson School of Management, UCLA; and a law degree from Whittier College School of Law. He was a member of the Honor Society while securing his Bachelors degree in psychology and economics at Columbia University.