DR. E. LANCE McCARTHY is Vice President - Economic Development of the Black Sports Agents Association. As a nationally recognized economist and investment advisor with a specialty in urban development, he has assisted Faith Based organizations, corporations, professional athletes and cities with their economic development and financing plans. His public policy research, Fortune 100 experience, entrepreneurial endeavors and non profit programs give him insight into our nations' most pressing problems.

E. Lance McCarthy, Ph.D. research was started in defense conversion. He was instrumental in developing an industrial policy for a more peaceful economy. His findings led him to testify to a Congressional Committee on Financing Technology. Subsequently, he was named to the White House Task Force on Economic Defense Conversion under President Clinton's Administration. He served on the Governing Council of the National Forum on Science and Technology, The Board of Directors of United Nations- Affiliate Chapter, The Board of Directors Federation of Industrial Retention and Renewal, and the National Congress of Community Economic Development Task Force for Religious Institutions.

Dr. E. Lance McCarthy served as Investment Advisor for Alpha Phi Alpha western region where he successfully found funding for the C.D. project " THE MAN THE MOVEMENT AND THE MUSIC". This fundraising effort was for the last monument voted by Congress for the Martin Luther King Monument to be built in Washington, D.C. As the economist for the California African American Business Summit he was responsible for developing the $100 Million Procurement Diversity Project. Dr. McCarthy is Adjunct Professor of Economics at American Urban University.

Dr. McCarthy's charge under the BSAA is to develop strategic alliances with industry professionals with interests in community and economic development. This program includes franchises, investment banking houses, hotels and resorts, petroleum companies, real estate syndicates to include mall developments and professional trade organizations. His much anticipated book, " Wall Street to the Hood" 21st Century Strategies for Rebuilding Urban America will be released early 2003.